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Guide to American English Pronunciation: Vowel Combinations, Silent Consonants, Homophones, and More. by G. J. Gálvez A.

Text & Audio

This book and accompanying audio are a perfect and indispensable (essential) complement to any English course. Be smart ... be clever!

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Guide to American English Pronunciation

Phonetic Structure of the English Language

Audio & Text

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Learn or Improve your English!

This book has been designed to help students learn or improve their English, wherever they may be; and especially to help students of English as a Second Language.

It is useful to anyone interested in English in general.

It allows the student to easily learn the pronunciation of practically all the words that in written English show a combination of vowels like: ATTAIN, HEAVEN, SPECIAL, etc, etc.

It also deals with topics like homophones, silent consonants, accentuation, and much more.

This book is a contribution so that the student can quickly speak and understand English perfectly.

The text of the book is in PDF format and the audio in MP3.

Both files can be downloaded immediately after payment is made.


PDF eBook and Audio

English learning made easier!

This book is one of a kind.

It's a new and useful approach.

It successfully amalgamates concepts such as: consider all elements (exhaustiveness in our knowledge), rhyme, and association between pronunciation and spelling, resulting in a very powerful and simple tool for learning English.

Anyone trying to acquire full command of English as a Second Language needs to work hard, but it's a good idea to use techniques that make the process of learning a lot easier!

This book is also useful for native English speakers.

International Seller