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Book Details:

Format and Size

* Electronic Book, Text is in PDF format and Audio in MP3. (Both files are downloadable from this site).

* Text (PDF file, 10.9 Mb), 141 pages, and Audio (MP3 file, 70.5 MB), 51 minutes, 1770 words recorded.


* Guide to American English Pronunciation:
Vowel Combinations, Silent Consonants, Homophones, and More


* English.


* Gerardo Javier Gálvez Arellano.

Software Required

*Adobe Reader, and Quick Time Player or Windows Media Player. (Available via Internet free of charge).


* All Rights Reserved - 2013, 1992, 1989 -


More about Guide to American English Pronunciation (PDF eBook and Audio):

A large number of words in the written form of English show a combination of vowels (such as: READ, QUIET, etc). This book, together with the audio that accompanies it, allows the student to learn the pronunciation of these words easily.

This book is unique in the sense that it includes virtually all the English words that fall into this category and makes easier the process of learning them.

This book is the result of a totally successful attempt to relate pronunciation to spelling (orthography, the written form of English) to facilitate learning.

The audio was recorded in the United States of America by highly qualified native speakers.

The student, learning the pronunciation of these words, acquires great confidence in handling English and takes better advantage of any course he or she is currently taking.

Likewise the student will advance towards his goal of full mastery of English if she or he is studying the language without an instructor.

This book is designed primarily for the student of English as a Second Language which aims to achieve perfect fluency; but it is a useful aid for all the students interested in English in general, including native speakers from any English speaking country.

It also deals with several other topics like: diction, accentuation, homophones, silent consonants, and words of frequent use.

This book is an important tool in the hands of students and professionals interested in achieving mastery of the English language.

International Seller